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Full Loaf of Cold Process Soap - Uncut - About 5 pounds - Made to Order


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Found a soap you are totally in love with? Need a bunch of gifts? Consider purchasing a full loaf of one of my soaps!

Your loaf will come to you uncut. It will be 18" long and can be cut into whatever size bars you like. Cut into mini bars for shower favors! Cut into full size bars for gifts! Afraid of cutting yourself? I will cut it for you for an additional cost - see listing http://www.faithsoapsandlove.com/product/add-on-item-soap-loaf-cutting

When I cut these loaves for my shop, I cut 1/2 inch off either end (they are sort of like the crusts of bread - they just don't look quite as nice but they work great!) and then the remaining loaf into 17 - 1" bars. They will weigh about 4.75 - 5.00 ounces once cured.

Loaves are approximately 5 pounds - 18" long x 4 " wide x 3" tall.

My standard recipe includes olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter. Any deviation to this recipe will raise the price of this as I do not have many other oils on hand and they would need to be special ordered.

These loaves are made to order - I do not have them on hand. Your soap will cure in my home for about a week and then be shipped to you to finish curing. You can cut it as soon as you receive it or allow to cure as a loaf. Please allow your loaf/bars to sit someplace where they will get air circulation. Allow them to cure for at least 4 weeks from when I made it before you use them. The longer your bars cure, the harder they will become & the longer they will last. If you cure intact as a loaf and then cut, allow bars to dry at least an additional week before you use them to make a harder, longer lasting bar.

Lead time is 2-3 weeks - this is to ensure I have the supplies on hand and to allow time for one week of curing.

Please indicate which scent you want in your transaction. Available scents:

*Amazingly Grace
*Blackberry Almond
*Dragon's Blood
*Lemon Verbena
*Lily of the Valley
*Naked Shampoo Bar
*Oatmeal Milk & Honey
*Oatmeal Stout
*Orange Patchouli
*Peppermint Tea Tree
*Raspberry Patchouli
*The Perfect Man
*Under My Spell
*Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
*Ylang Ylang

***other scents may be available if I have the fragrance on hand - I no longer special order fragrances for this listing***